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SSX - On Tour

EA Canada made the conscious decision during the development process of SSX On Tour to discard the online multiplayer functionality that was originally found in SSX 3. This might seem like a step backwards, but the decision to focus on the single-player game, which has always been the big draw for the series, seems to be paying off so far. Still, even with its unenviable task of having to outdo the amazing single-player experience in SSX 3, EA Canada found time to include a two-player split-screen multiplayer game in SSX On Tour. Though it's not integrated into the tour mode, which serves as the game's main single-player experience, multiplayer game is wired into the mode, and you won't have access to many of the game's signature characters or the different multiplayer events until you have bested them in the single-player play.

SSX - On Tour

So, after a few hours of shredding things up in the tour mode, we took the game's split-screen multiplayer for a spin. By this point, we had unlocked a decent number of event options, and considered choosing from either a straightforward one-on-one race, a trick competition in which each player tries to outscore the other, or a unique new game that challenges each player to try to grind 350 meters' worth of railing first. To be honest, with the game's generally responsive controls and the new, easy-to-use monster trick system, the either/or distinction dissolved rather quickly, and we happily went at it in all three events.

You can ski or snowboard yourself into stardom in SSX on Tour. The game includes 12 levels for racing and performing stunts. You can earn yourself a spot on the professional tour by winning events and improving your skills. Your success moves you up the rankings until you can call yourself the best on the mountain. This version of SSX features new graphical effects and controller feedback designed to capture the speed of your races and the massive air of your tricks. SSX On Tour also includes new music, art, and characters. 041b061a72


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