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HELLION Download PC Game

Hellion takes place in a far distant solar system, chosen as a new site for human habitation. Something went wrong during the trip, however, and those waking from cryogenic sleep find only a new wild frontier. Players can choose the way they play, either mining for resources and upgrading their ship and equipment or by hunting other players for their own gear. Either alone or in teams, players can build space stations or new ships in this space sandbox. Hellion has been in development for over two years and has a decent amount of content but still remains far from finished. Bugs and missing features are a common occurrence. An extremely high difficulty and lack of tutorial make for a brutal first experience of the game, with many players dropping out after a few short hours of frustration.

HELLION Download PC Game

Hellion is a game with lots of potential and enough completed content to recommend playing. Best experienced with a group of trusted friends, the open-ended style of gameplay can be extremely addictive.

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Hellion is an immersive space survival simulation game developed by Serbian[1] studio Zero Gravity Games. It was released into the Steam Early Access program in February 2017.[2][3] The game allows players to maneuver through environments and open space in the absence of gravity as well as move about the interiors of spaceships or stations with or without artificial gravity. As a first-person game, players must manage their resources in the interest of their survival, discover other resources and space station modules which can be salvaged and assembled into larger more complex stations.[4][5]

Broadly set in a zero-gravity environment, player and spacecraft movement in the game follows the traditional Newtonian physical vectors while stations adhere to orbital mechanics.[7][8] Players may define and travel into orbits around planetary bodies and other large naturally occurring astronomical phenomena. The player begins the game in a derelict de-orbiting space station equipped with only a bottle of oxygen and a jet pack for maneuvering.

As a multiplayer game, Hellion challenges players to collect and safeguard resources and assets from destruction and potential capture by other players since players may attack and claim their assets. The single-player aspect of the game focuses the player on the in-game story and space station expansion.[8] In both modes, the player must perform ship or station repairs which involve resources which must be discovered and accumulated from within the fictional universe. As non-upgraded equipment deteriorates significantly faster than upgraded elements, this becomes a repeating process with progressive sustainability. Ultimately the player is free to explore and discover the fate of Hellion or achieve a notion of champion status among other players.

During the final 3 days of its presence on Steam, ZeroGravity made the game available to own by Steam users for free. For a brief period on March 31, the price returned to its previous usual price and then was removed from the online Steam Store at midnight, GMT.

On March 28, 2021, the previous Community Manager for Zero Gravity announced that the official Multiplayer Servers for the game had shut down. However, this did not include the Main Server, which is necessary for clients to be able to connect to Community hosted servers.

Hellion is a first person multiplayer space survival game.It is a fusion of survival and space simulation genres that pits players against the deadly environment and one another. Survive in the harsh conditions of space and scavenge for air, fuel and other items necessary for survival. But keep in mind, you are not the only one out there. There are others, but will they help, or will they throw you to the void without a second thought? Remember, no matter how brutal space may seem, it cannot hold a candle to man.

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HedonDeveloperZan_HedonDevPublisherZan_HedonDevRelease Dates16 May, 2019PlatformPC (Windows, Linux)Hedon is a retro-styled adventure/first person shooter game running on the GZDoom Engine. It was made by a one-man dev team, developed and published by Zan_HedonDev. After the release of the Hedon Bloodrite sequel, the original Hedon campaign was retroactively named "Crystal Heart."

Development started in October 21, 2016 and the game was first released in March 21, 2019 on IndieDB and as a freeware version followed by a commercial release on Steam in May 16, 2019. Hedon was only released on PC, on Windows and Linux. It initially started off as a total conversion mod for Doom, but due to changes in the GZDoom Engine's license combined with the fact that it no longer required a base Doom wad file to run with, it became one of the first commercial titles to run on this fan-expanded idtech engine.

The budget of the first chapter was non existent, the entire asset list of the game being built from scratch by the author himself, with less than 2000 USD later gathered through Patreon support and invested into the soundtrack, voice acting and box art. Hedon BloodriteDeveloperZan_HedonDevPublisherZan_HedonDevRelease Dates30 Aug, 2021PlatformPC (Windows, Linux)Half a year after Hedon's release, the development of the sequel began, this time being worked on full-time by the author, rather than as a part-time project. This led to the release of Hedon Bloodrite on 30th August, 2021. Despite being much larger in size and scope than the original, Bloodrite was released as a free update, which allowed players to select it in a similar fashion to how Doom handled its episodes.

Gameplay-wise, Hedon expands the formula of a classic FPS game with puzzle elements and exploration as well as a focus on story telling and atmosphere building. Hedon Bloodrite also brings open world-style level hubs and light RPG mechanics such as a journal for recording objectives, secondary quests and friendly camps with NPCs and merchants that the player can interact with.

The game takes place in a fantasy setting mainly split between the overground and the underground (the latter also being known as "Hedon"). The world itself was designed many years before the game would enter development by Zan (author) with brainstorming and inspiration provided by iamfailtacular, the author's significant other. There are a number of key concepts that stand at the foundation of Hedon.

Perhaps one of the most important elements of the game's setting, the Iron Division is a faction of amazonian Orcs and Goblins that constitute the main focus of the story in Hedon. Initially designed as just a series of sexy pieces of artwork/pin-ups featuring six castes/classes showing different outfits, weapons and abilities, the Iron Division ended up being the very cornerstone of the game's development in October, 2016.

The Iron Division was also designed along with their stronghold, Valc, built inside a mountain chain bearing the same name and surrounded by a dense forest known as "The Green Wall." This plays an essential role in the setting as almost all the action of the first game takes place underground, around Valc and its outskirts.

The game starts abruptly, with the protagonist, Zan, finding herself deep inside Demon territory. After fighting her way through fiery hellscapes, she finds a couple of Iron Division survivors trapped inside a citadel who ask her to find a way to free them out. The Half Orc soon learns that the force she is part of is in disarray, and a series of strange, otherworldly places she proceeds to explore confirm that she is experiencing visions of a failed assault. The flashback culminates with Zan using a cannon to blow the citadel gates, followed by a strange voice prompting her to wake up.

Although it runs on the GZDoom Engine and the combat style is akin to classic FPS games like Doom (first person, fast paced, projectile & movement focused), Hedon attempts to bridge this with a rather different style of level design. The maps are large and progression focuses on finding keys, solving simple puzzles, reading texts, interacting with characters and exploring a highly detailed world. In this regard, it takes inspiration from titles such as Hexen, Arx Fatalis or Thief. Hedon also makes full use of GZDoom's advanced features such as dynamic lights and custom sound reverb in order to create a strong atmosphere.

Once crafted, assign it to your character and it will get the Hellion trait. You can however equip only one Hellion per character in Teamfight Tactics: Reckoning. When the Hellion dies, a Dopplehellion will spawn. This is basically the doppelganger of the original Hellionn but will have one less star than the Hellion that died. These doppelgangers however can also die during battles. Characters like Ashe will be the best ones to choose for this trait as they get stronger with attack speed boosts. 041b061a72


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