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RMS Aquitania - 3:1 Scale

Use something like 6/0 or 8/0 fly-tying thread for your rigging. Nothing looks worse than the thick, black rigging that ends up on this scale of ship. Gray fly-tying thread looks nice and subtle (almost an afterthought) and won't jump out at the person viewing your finished build. Most sporting goods stores should have a wide variety of sizes and colors.

RMS Aquitania - 3:1 Scale

The Airfix Titanic is, I believe, a reissue of the Academy kit. It's not bad, but since then Revell has released the same ship on the same scale. I haven't seen the Revell version, but on the basis of pictures (and the instructions, which you can download from the Revell Germany website) it seems to have a good deal more detail. For one thing, the hull is molded in port and starboard halves, encouraging better plating detail. And I'm pretty sure the Revell one doesn't have molded-in guardrails.

I would have to agree. Since this is a departure from your normal subject matter, keeping this an "out of the box" build is probably the safest way to go. Once you finish and feel like you have the hang of it (ships, I mean), then move to another manufactuerr or different scale wiith ALL the bells and whistles.

Mr. Tilley is correct......the Revell kit's railings are separate pieces and don't look to be all that bad. A tad out of scale maybe, but the fact that they are separate and not molded in place is a huge bonus.

I just scored both of them in a single eBay auction tonight. I can't wait to start the Queen Elizabeth, although it is way down the list. I have been on an ocean liner "kick" lately and think I have all the liners that I'm willing to do. A 1/350 Lusitania would be nice, also.....but the prices for those are way too much for my taste. Instead, I picked up an S.S. Oriana by Revell (odd scale, that one) so that should be fun to research and detail.

White Ensign Models has a PE set to be used toward either the Queen Elizabeth or the Queen Mary. I plan on picking up a couple of those......seeing I have both kits in the stash pile now (or soon, anyway). I'll have to search around for a set or two that could apply to the Mauretania. Another that would come in handy would be a set for Gunze-Sangyo's 1/450 QE 2. I have a generic set from GMM that covers the 1/450 scale, but getting some brass lifeboat davits would be cool.

Following the 1998 acquisition of the Cunard Line by Carnival Corporation, in 1999 QE2 was given a US$30 million refurbishment which included refreshing various public rooms,[17] and a new colour palette in the passenger cabins. The Royal Promenade, which formerly housed upscale shops such as Burberry, H. Stern and Aquascutum, were replaced by boutiques typical of cruise ships, selling perfumes, watches and logo items. During this refit, the hull was stripped to bare metal, and the ship repainted in the traditional Cunard colours of matte black (Federal Grey) with a white superstructure.[22] 041b061a72


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