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Fucking My Wife Sister

The only problem thatI had in my life at the time was the decline in my sexual relationship with my wife. Wehad not had sex in almost a year, she was always too tired or was just never in the mood.I think with her stress at work and seeing to the kids, she just lost interest in sex. At firstI thought, does she have someone else and to put my mind at rest, I had hired a privateinvestigator.

fucking my wife sister

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My wife spent at least 30minson the phone with her mother arguing and I could sense that something was not right. Whenshe was done, I asked her why she had that tone with her mother. She began telling methat her sister had been keeping company with the wrong type of friends and that she camehome drunk. Her mother requested that she come live with us for a while and my wife agreed.I was furious with my wife for making this decision without discussing with me first, I didnot want her to live with us simply because, I did not want her to influence my kids in anyway.Let me talk about my wife's sister, she just turned 19, very pretty face with a sexy body.

She is slim and tender, she had a cute, round ass and a nice set of breasts. Bottom-line, for an 19 year old, she was extremely hot. Obviously, at the time, I paid no attention toher physical qualities at all. I did not have even an ounce of attraction or thoughts about herat all, I mean come on, this was my wife's younger sister. So anyway after a lot of convincingfrom my wife, I finally agreed to let her come live with us. I did not think that once she arrived, my life with change completely. At first when she arrived, it was not as bad I as I had thought as she eased the pressure ofmy wife by assisting the kids with their homework, doing dishes etc.

She was studyingso my wife asked me to assist her with her studies which I did not refuse as I wanted to helpher follow the right part. We spent many nights together in the TV room alone completelyinnocent. This allowed us to get closer as we hardly ever spoke much in the past. I gave heradvice telling her how important it was for her to make the right decisions in life and to choose the right friends. I could also tell that she began feeling more comfortable with me.She asked me how come her sister always when to bed so early, I mean by 9:00pm everynight, my wife had the habit of taking a few pills going to bed and up the next morning.

I closed my eyes, and this time I thought let me try to jerk off with thoughts ofher. Just the thought of her naked body, made my cock rock hard. As I started jerking offwith the though of her, I came so much that I was actually exhausted. The thought of fucking my wife's sister was now in my mind so I started admiring her body every chancethat I got.I often jerked off to this sexy 19 year old and the fact that it was my wife's sister excited and turned me on. How does this fantasy become a reality I thought to myself, what ifI am reading her signals incorrectly. I cannot make any suggestions to her as it could ruinmy marriage.

It was bald and looked so moist and juicy that I just wanted to put my head downand suck her till she filled my mouth with her juices. To my surprise, there was porn playingon the TV. I just knew that she found my DVD, played it, got horny and touched herself.This excited me, after admiring her pussy for a while. I put the TV off and got her up to go sleep in the bedroom.The next morning at breakfast, I though that she would have been embarrassed knowingthat I knew that she watched porn but she wasn't. She just gave me a naughty smile andsat down. As soon as my wife left the table to go outside, she asked me why was I staringat her last night, I went red in the face that I started fumbling for words and then she giggledand said, relax it's ok.That was my confirmation that she wants me as much as I wanted her. I cock began to growthat I felt embarrassed to get up but then I thought, let me play her game and seduce her.

With my stiff cock bulging through my thin gym pants I got up, her eyes opened wide fixatedon my manhood as she bit her bottom lip. I gave her a wink as I stood in her way so that shecould admire the size of my cock. Just then my wife walked in so I turned around and headedstraight to the bathroom.It was a late Saturday night, i watching TV sipping on glass of whisky when she comes intothe TV room asking me in her soft voice what I am watching and whether she could join meas she could not sleep. As usual, she was wearing no underwear just a thin nightdress thatoutlined her sexy body. I offered with glass of whisky which she gladly accepted.

The taste, the smell, just drove me insane. This was really happening, as I started fucking her with my tongue, she hadmy head pressed more tightly against her pussy and her legs where wrapped around myhead. I took my time sucking and eating her until her body trembled, then it happened, herpussy exploded with cum which I sucked her bit of it.She rolled over got on her knees and took my cock in her hand, she sucked on my cock asif she was a natural. As her tongue worked the tip of my head, I held the back of her headand began to fuck her mouth. As she continued sucking on my cock, I could feel the pressurebuilding in me I was about to shoot my load.

Each time i pulled out a bit and pushed in again, she wouldlet out a sweet oh. As per pussy was getting more use to the feel on my cock, I increasedthe pace picking her up and when pulling her back down again, I grinded her pussy on my cock, all i could hear was that she loves it and she waited for this for so long. I replied by saying, this is just the start. I continued fucking her gently for a while until she came, andcollapsed in my arms. After she regained her strength, she got on her knees and sucked me off until I came, she swallowed every bit of cum.That night, after we were done, we both went to bed.

Two hours later, the thought ofjust fucking her made me so hard and wet that I got off the bed, went into her roomand got in bed with her. It's as if she knew I would come because as I got into the bed,she raised her ass up waiting for me to insert my cock in her. Her pussy was so wetand got in bed with her. It's as if she knew I would come because as I got into the bed,she raised her ass up waiting for me to insert my cock in her. Her pussy was so wetand used to my cock that it went inside with ease. I held her one leg over me and I started pumping in and out of her pussy, she need to moan but was scared thatmy wife with get up, i put my finger in her mouth and she began sucking and bitingon my finger as I worked her pussy.

We fucked two timesbefore my wife got home who did not suspect anything as I always got home beforeher.My wife had some rather interesting news which seemed almost too good to be true.She told us that her company was having a two day conference over the weekend.I could have literally jumped for joy. I told my wife that I would have to drop offthe kids at her mother's house as I would probably go out fishing with guys which she thought was a good idea. Although, I did drop off the kids at my mother-in-law'splaced, I did not actually go fishing. I was at home fucking her sister the whole weekend, she allowed me to act out every fantasy I had on her.

We were practicallynaked the whole weekend, we smoked weed, we had drinks. We fucked and fuckeduntil we were sore. I was in heaven as each time I fucked, I shot my load inside her.I even got to fuck her anal.She has a boyfriend now, but till this day, we still fuck often.Join me next time when I tell you how I introduced a friend of mine to help mefuck my wife's sister.

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My sister called to ask for $200 for a dress form for her clothing design business. She pitched it like a saleswoman. I had spent $400 on her birthday the week before that, thinking it was extravagant and due to having something.

At 60, Brian, a music prodigy, who had rent control and a house he inherited in New Jersey, never called. I called him. He and his wife, a publishing executive, couldn't buy groceries except rice and beans. Chop-chop salad, I said.

I did not like this dirty fluff, everywhere, and I made sure to tell anyone who would listen. Mostly my husband. Look! I\u2019d say. All over the deck, probably from a neighbor\u2019s house. They should really take care of this, I thought, this stuff ruining everyone\u2019s view and making us sneeze. So annoying! So inconvenient! So not my fault, not my mess. The leaves piled on top of broken branches, surrounded by blizzard fuzz and caterpillar green hearts, all of which I resented, this big fucking mess drifting into our grass without my permission.

Eventually, the tree stops blooming. The fluff becomes a memory, the lawn now neat and tidy right before the foliage turns rust-gold and makes another brilliant mess. My fury pulls back like a tide as I keep practicing ways to embrace what I can\u2019t control, which is: nearly everything, over and over. I carve out the tiniest pockets for what my kids call space-time, which is being alone, to think and be and create and feel outside of the shapes of wife, sister, friend, community member, colleague, daughter, writer, and always, mother.

The car lurches, a terrible, groaning sound. And how alone she is,in the passenger seat; She doesn't think about David in the back seat;nor does she think about the driver, the realtor, Suzanne--a breathy blonde,in billowing silk--except to think, in a tiny corner of her mind: of course.Because in fact the realtor (Suzanne--she's a person, too, perhaps witha family of her own, hopes and dreams of her own, her own sense of infallibleand sacred individuality) had been driving erratically, withoutconcentration, ever since she'd picked them up at their hotel. And when,precisely, had that been--a half an hour ago? Indeed, Ruth and David aresupposed to be starting a new life, here in this Western city: a new, betterjob for David (he is an academic, a professional philosopher, a person whoattends conferences on obscure subjects, a reader of foot notes andbibliographies), and new vistas for Ruth--new colors to paint, new things tolook at, a place where she can leave all her ugly old sins behind. Here inthis sprawling dry place. She owes it to him, doesn't she? After herlittle frisson of love last year. After the appalling spectacle she made ofherself. In love with a social worker more than 10 years her junior, a wirythin man with freckles and a too-expressive neck--with sculpted-lookingtendons, with skin that blushed--whose job it was to get junkies into rehab.What could she have been thinking? All those long hours in bed, with a manyoung enough to still believe that people could be redeemed--who was in factso convinced of it that he bordered, at times, on fanatical--a man who,moreover, found her own way of life vaguely distasteful (the big house, theblack cleaning lady, and Ruth's own obsession with the details ofhousekeeping: with fabrics, and light, and dishes, with cut flowers in heavywhite jugs). There she would lie, in his arms, amazed at herself, while herchildren (her twins) were in kindergarten at the Montessori school, learningall those good, progressive values: sharing, communicating, respecting thefeelings of others. Lolling in bed like a teenager; and--as she later came tothink of it--fucking his brains out. Who did she think she was, Emma Bovary?


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