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Weird Snacks To Buy

Have you had your fair share of weird jerky flavors yet? I hope not because there are so many more flavors to enjoy. Turns out, snapping turtle jerky is quite expensive. For $17.99 you barely get 2 ounces of the jerky. So if you wanted a whole pound of it, be ready to shell out almost $150.

weird snacks to buy

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The desire to snack is a basic human impulse, but not all cultures snack alike. In some countries, popular snacks might seem odd to Americans, even though we are the ones sprawled out on couches stuffing our faces with fake powdered cheese and pretzels that purport to taste like pepperoni pizza.

The best Asian snacks is a highly discussed topic among Asian food lovers. As Asia grows as a tourist spot, we find that local tidbits have also grown popular online. Accordingly, we have included sweet and savoury nibbles in this list that we think you should try!

Please note that the links provided under each Asian snacks description are for purchases from Amazon. If you can not order via Amazon, we may provide a link to another online commerce store that sells the popular treats.

Dorayaki is made of two Japanese-style pancakes that sandwich a sweet filling. It is one of the best Asian snacks on our list. The original version of the Dorayaki has crushed sweet Azuki red beans as a filling.

From there, Kitkat in Japan continually manufactured limited-edition flavours that you can only find in specific areas in Japan. Hence, this created a great opportunity for touristic adventures for many fans of the KitKat brand. Currently, you can purchase many different varieties of Asian snacks on Amazon.

Tins of egg rolls are usually passed around as gifts to family and friends. Due to its simple yet delicious taste with a deep cultural meaning, this treat is one of the best Asian snacks you should try.

The Yukimi Daifuku is favoured by many all over the world that even merchandise like mini-soft toys of the treat is made. With plenty of discussions of the popular Japanese treat that can be found on forums on Reddit, we subsequently knew we had to add it to our best Asian snacks list.

The barbecued jerky is wafer-thin and immensely a joy to eat and chew on. Though some may find this Asian snack weird, many people look forward to this treat as it is usually only served during festivities.

Essentially a fruit candy, this tidbit is a chewy soft black candy that has a strong citrus peel flavour. Made of mandarin citrus peel and plum, this sourish candy is a traditional treat that has made it into our best Asian snacks list.

The best Asian snacks list would not be complete if it did not include the White Rabbit Candy. Another traditional Chinese candy that has been around since the 1930s, this sweet is a creamy milk candy that is wrapped in rice paper.

We also include the savoury Dahfa dried fish fillet in our top snacks from Asia list. This Asian snack is very popular in South East Asia. For example, many in Singapore and Malaysia consider this treat as a childhood snack.

From beans on toast to crumpets and Scotch eggs, British snacks are something you definitely need to pay attention to. Whether you are a tourist in Great Britain or just an adventurous person, we recommend you try the delicious range of treats that the UK has to offer.

People are often misled by a big stereotype that Great Britain does not have a lot of must-try snacks and traditional food. However, we can easily dispel this misguided notion once they try some of the tasty treats.

There is a big snack culture in the UK - they actually eat more snacks there than in any other country in Europe - which is why there are so many sweet and savoury delicacies to choose from. If you read on, you will learn quite a bit about some of these popular British snacks.

Heinz baked beans on toast (mostly abbreviated as beans on toast), is not only one of the most iconic British snacks, but also one of the easiest to prepare. You simply take a slice of toast, heat up a few baked beans, and then pour the latter onto the former.

If you've read at least some of the blogs or articles about Britain or the old British snacks, you'll know that British people love pies! That's why pies are something they not only like to eat with meals but also in between them.

As one of the old British snacks that is still popular today, we recommend you have it as a light treat with your afternoon tea. Make sure you grab some from the market or try making it yourself at home.

You can buy these posh British snacks in six-packs in any UK supermarket. If you're like us, you'll eat the entire pack in one day and have to buy more immediately! Super tasty and very popular among the Brits!

However, which Japanese snacks are worth the cost of international shipping? And more importantly, which of them are truly unique compared to the snacks back home? We'll tell you which ones are truly worth it in this article.

Umaibo is the winner in this category because it is a crowd-pleaser and truly has something for everyone. It is crunchy, light, filling, full of flavouring, and perfect for anyone who likes savoury Japanese snacks. So whether potato chips or rice crackers are your favourites, you are sure to love umaibo.

Read on to find, in no particular order, our full list of the best Japanese snacks. You will discover some treats that are sweet, savoury, traditional, modern, popular, hidden gems or weird! However, they all will have you screaming "kawaii" with delight!

The company Calbee produces the potato sticks through a process of teaming, mashing, extruding, and deep-frying the individual spuds. This process creates a very crispy exterior that many people love! Moreover, we love that they make excellent vegetarian or vegan Japanese snacks.

This isn't popcorn like you might have assumed from the name. Instead, these Japanese snacks are light "puff" chips made from corn, manufactured by the company Tohato. It contains corn, peanuts and caramel flavouring.

This product resembles another Meiji product, Kinoko no Yama ("Mushroom mountain"), shaped like mushrooms instead, so you can get those if you can't find these. Nevertheless, we think these are a great introduction to the world of less sweet Japanese snacks.

These are one of the most culturally iconic Japanese snacks. The technique for making this sugar candy came from Portugal in the early 16th century. However, they rapidly assimilated into the culture of Japan.

You often see them gifted in bonbonniere (celebratory candy boxes) and also as offerings to shrines and temples. Hence, as a certified classic in Japanese snacks, this is one candy you should be sure not to miss!

Shredded squid is one of the classic savoury Japanese and traditional Chinese snacks known throughout Southeast Asia and the Pacific. So, if you love beef jerky and are looking for a healthy snack option, this is your call!

Generally, these are flavoured with salt and soy sauce. However, modern times have brought many weird and esoteric flavours. For example, curry, corn soup, cheese, sesame soy sauce, and nori seaweed with soy sauce.

Although not as bombastic and exciting as some other snacks on this list, it's nice to relax and unwind with rice crackers' light crunch and mild flavour. These are great for picky eaters or someone who loves to nibble!

Matcha is the most common and well-known of them all. It is famous worldwide as one of the most popular Asian snacks for its mild, herbal flavour and the bright green chocolate on the outside of the bar. It's definitely an instant classic and sure to impress!

Strawberry is our personal pick because it is the perfect balance of sweet and tangy without being too cloyingly sweet. For us, we recommend it as the first foray into the world of Pocky. One of the greatest and most iconic Japanese snacks of all time, this is sure to be a hit!

This is also one of those snacks that aren't vegan, so if you are vegan, vegetarian, or just hate seafood, you can skip this section. Packaged dried fish foods are almost omnipresent in Japan and are generally among the more healthy options as far as Japanese snacks are concerned. This specific one comes from the company Natori.

They come in eight other flavours, including kiwi, strawberry, melon, and yuzu. All of which we think are great flavours. However, their peach variety is top-selling and one of the most popular Japanese snacks by far. If you love peaches and candy, this is one you should be sure not to miss.

Fruit flavoured konjac jelly is added to drinks in precise, measured quantities. It is found in many different Japanese snacks, but these drinks are where its texture really shines. If you've ever had grass jelly (or boba tea), you will enjoy the chewy texture of the konjac paired with the sweet, fruity drink. Hence, be sure to give this a try!

Kaki no tane or Kake-pi are common Japanese snacks consisting of small pieces of senbei (or soy-flavoured rice crackers) and peanuts. It is a favourite at bars due to its extremely savoury yet simple flavour.

These Japanese snacks from the company Amanoya are a new spin on an old classic. These rice crackers are called Himemaru and are shaped like shells. They are deep-fried after being dipped in soy sauce.

These are vegan and light on the stomach. However, you should know that they are not as healthy as they are deep-fried Japanese snacks. A bit more flavourful than some of the options on this list, but still simple and classic, this is sure to be a hit!

Umaibo is a popular junk food among a variety of the best Japanese snacks. They are potages made of puffed corn. This variety pack contains a number of the most popular flavours, such as cheese, salad, curry, and tonkatsu sauce.

You will find them packaged in a bottle-shaped container and have distinctive blue ramune colour. Many describe the flavour of these as sour, sweet, and fizzy. You should definitely add this to your must-try Japanese snacks list if you enjoy soda.

These cream collons are basically a biscuit roll filled with fluffy and soft cream. The outer shell is made of a wafer cone-like biscuit with dairy-based cream inside it. Although some people might find it excessively sweet, the textural combination is delicious. The company Glico makes these Japanese snacks. 041b061a72


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