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Core Concepts In Cultural Anthropology Pdf Download ^HOT^

We are delighted to bring to you this open-access textbook, a collection of chapters on the essential topics in cultural anthropology. Different from other introductory textbooks, this book is an edited volume with each chapter written by a different author. Each author has written from their experiences working as an anthropologist and that personal touch makes for an accessible introduction to cultural anthropology. The first edition of Perspectives was published in 2017 and is available in the archive.

Core Concepts In Cultural Anthropology Pdf Download

In the early days of cultural studies, anthropologists distinguished between "primitive" cultures and their own normative "Western" culture. The expectation was that primitive cultures would evolve into advanced cultures more closely resembling the European and American scholars studying them. This concept is known as social Darwinism and is no longer accepted within anthropology or social science.

In the last few decades, anthropology and other social scientists have worked hard to overcome their early ethnocentric roots. Today they approach each culture as valuable in and of itself, not in relation to another culture. Such a repositioning allows for a greater acceptance of all groups and is known as cultural relativism.

This paper expounds the main principles behind blockchain technology and some of its cutting-edge applications. Firstly, we present the core concepts at the heart of the blockchain, and we discuss the potential risks and drawbacks of public distributed ledgers, and the shift toward hybrid solutions. Secondly, we expose the main features of decentralized public ledger platforms. Thirdly, we show why the blockchain is a disruptive and foundational technology, and fourthly, we sketch out a list of important applications, bearing in mind the most recent evolutions.

Anthropology invented the culture concept, but no longer owns it. With its inception in the nineteenth century came priority, and so jurisdiction for anthropology (Kuper, 1999). Culture remained the core concept of the discipline for at least a century, and even now, most of the membership of the American Anthropological Association label themselves as cultural anthropologists, outnumbering all other sub- fields combined.

The Culturally Responsive and Inclusive Pedagogy OER Subject Guide, linked below, provides a starting point for OER professional development and curricular materials relating to issues of equity, diversity, and inclusion; trauma-informed practices; and culturally responsive, inclusive, and anti-racist pedagogy and practices. This guide includes concepts and keywords; TCC OEDI resources; introductory and more in-depth professional development resources (toolkits, guides, etc.); curriculum resources (activities, assignments, etc.); OER and EDI rubrics; instructional design; accessibility; as well as EDI-focused OER in different disciplines across the curriculum, including Social Sciences.


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