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How to Get ScriptBot L2Walker for Free: A Step-by-Step Guide

def scriptbotl2walkerdownloadfullversion(event): scriptname = event.args[0] commands = scriptname.split('/') scriptname = commands[-1] scriptname = scriptname.split('.') fullversion = '' for i in range(1, len(scriptname)): fullversion = fullversion + scriptname[i] filepath = os.path.join('c:\python26\py', scriptname, 'l2walker_script_to_download', 'python','scriptbot_'+fullversion+'.py') scriptfilename = scriptname+'' local_path = 'c:\python26\py'+scriptname+'' filesize = len(local_path) fs = open(local_path,'wb') fs.write(pybytes(filepath)) fs.close() print(' [*] Download script for: %s' % (local_path,)) local_path = 'c:\python26\py\%s' % (scriptname, scriptfilename) scriptbotlocalpath = 'c:\python26\py'+scriptname filepath_ = os.path.join('c:\python26\py', scriptfilename) fs = open(local_path,'wb') fs.write(pybytes(filepath_)) fs.close() bot.log('[*] Download Script Saved to: %s' % (local_path,)) process = bot.sleep(15) bot.log('[*] Download Script Saved to: %s' % (local_path,)) print(' [*] Downloaded to %s' % (local_path,)) script = pybot.read_file(local_path) bot.log('[*] Downloaded to %s' % (local_path,)) script.split('% ')[0].split() scriptfilename = 'c:\python26\py\' fullscript = scriptname+'' bot.log('[*] Changing full script to: %s' % (fullscript,)) script.split('% ')[0].split() script = copy.copy(script) script = script.replace('c:\python26\py\l2walker_script_to_download', 'c:\python26\py\') script = script.replace('c:\python26\py\l2walker_script_to_download\', fullscript) script.split('% ')[0].split() script = script.



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