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Teen Strip Tapes

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Using a ruler, measure and mark lines on the fold to create approximately half-inch strips or sections. These lines can be straight, wavy, or zigzag. Cut along the marked lines starting from the folded edge of the paper, leaving about an inch at the end uncut. Open the folded paper to see the sliced lines.

Pick a patterned or different colored piece of paper to contrast with the card stock you just cut. Measure and mark lines at half inch or any measurement you like on the vertical side of the paper. Cut along these marked lines to make long strips. Now you are ready to weave!

Weave the paper strips into the slits cut in the place mat. Starting from the back, bring the first strip up through the first slit and down through the second slit. Continue weaving the strips up and down through the slits. Arrange the strips or sections so they are evenly spaced in the slits. Glue the ends of the strips to the place mat to prevent the strips from sliding out of place. Cut the long ends of the strips of paper. Once the glue is dry, decorate your place mat. 041b061a72


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