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Jailbreak Fly And Infinite Jump

When using the Jetpack, players can fly high into the air by double jumping and holding the jump button, making it useful and convenient for escaping confrontations. If there is fuel left, the jetpack will allow its wearers to descend slowly, preventing fall damage - descending uses less fuel than ascension does. It is recommended to tap-fly (e.g. tap the spacebar or jump button) rather than simply holding down the jump button. Players should avoid shutting down the jetpack, as encountering it while in mid-air will make the player fall and take fall damage. There is also an additional option of using Rocket Fuel to fly for 25 by using Rocket Fuel. With that option, the colors of the flames that are emitted by the Jetpack will be purple, and the player will fly with improved speed, height, and length of the Jetpack's flight duration.

Jailbreak Fly and Infinite Jump


Because it is powered by the WeAreDevs Exploit API, JJSploit offers a near full Lua executor. JJSploit also features click teleport, ESP, speed, fly, infinite jump, and so much more. A powerful all in one package.

The Infinite Jump Glitch is fairly simple. If you have the Gravity Coil, jumping out of a car or truck while holding it will cause you to jump with much more velocity and infinite height. Jumping out of a truck is much faster than out of a car. It is interesting to watch your character fly into the height at which Roblox will have problems with rendering objects. You can stop this at any time by equipping the delivery bike, if you have it. If you don't have the delivery bike, you can unequip the gravity coil then use the trip emote, although that will push you in the direction your character is facing. You can also use the time-watch item and interact with it, which reverts to your previous position and successfully stops you from going any higher, causing you to start falling. It is also possible to do this glitch with certain chair furniture placed on your balcony (if you have a three-floor house), equip Gravity Coil while sitting, and jump. Using this glitch, you'd be able to reach certain unreachable places like Igloo's interior, although it is slower than jumping out of a car or truck.

The Fly Anywhere With Any Item Glitch is not very complex, although you need to do something quickly for it to work. This glitch makes you always fly. To do it, you must have the glider. It is recommended you have the delivery bike as well, so you don't always fly, and can start the effect by jumping. Here's how to do it:

The Time-Watch Vehicle Glitch is able to move both cars and trucks a short to long distance. You require the Time-Watch gear to do it. You need to stand at about the location you want the vehicle to go for a few seconds to set the position. Then, go to the vehicle and activate the gear quickly before entering. If you perform the glitch correctly, the vehicle should move to the location with you. This glitch is able to put cars and trucks inside buildings, doors, walls, windows, other cars, and various other things. This glitch is very capable of trolling and griefing. If you want to stop this from annoying you, just ignore it. However, if this is done using a truck, it may block off something. For example, it can get you stuck in the manager's office. Also, you could also use it to put a car inside the griefer's car. Sitting on a car when someone is driving it then getting out Gravity Coil and jumping off and then using Time-Watch may cause the car to fly into the sky. You may have a chance to do that, If the driver moves the car away or the car refuses to fly into the air. If you use the trip emote, and then equip the time watch, get up and use this glitch, you can get a vehicle either stuck in the floor or have it vertically stand (depends on whether you're facing the ground or not after you use the emote).

This can also be used on non-transparent walls, though this is difficult and is not possible if the wall is too thick. First, you have to use shiftlock to rotate your camera, so you can see what's behind the wall, shoot the hook, and then rotate to face the wall until the hook reaches the point. Don't forget to jump.

Walking into a customer will cause them to automatically jump, which can cause them to jump right onto you. This can be used to move customers by simply walking. Until the customer dies or despawns, another customer will not spawn. Customers won't move on their own until their order is taken.

This glitch is pretty easy/medium, all you need is the sleep emote. First you gotta use the sleep emote close to the door/garage you want to enter, then view from the other side of it. After that, you gotta close up to your character, enabling first person camera on. If most of your character is inside the door/garage (of course, while still doing the sleep emote), you did it right. Finally, you gotta stop the emote via jumping.

If the player places the bowling alley in the basement of the mansion, and if the player enters the basement, the bowling ball floats to the ceiling. It can be moved by jumping and hitting it with head, but can't use it to hit the pins which also move to the roof.

For this glitch to work, you need to have bought the Emotes Pack gamepass. Go next to the 1st entrance. Do you see the trophy? Stand in front of the wall that is blocking you from getting the trophy immediately. Then use the death emote and use the thumbstick to walk slowly. Once you touch the wall, jump. You will clip through the wall and earn the trophy. (If you're reading this in the future, this glitch may have been patched.)

This glitch is considered party-ish since people can put windows preventing the bowling pins from getting out, then the bowling pins jump infinitely! To do this, have a tranpoline place down first and then use the /hide command to hide all furniture and then place the bowling alley under the trampoline. Make sure the pins are in the area the trampoline is in.

If after respawn on chair you can press any move for example "Flair" after it press "Trip". (Not always working) And now your body in one frame, you can do anything, walking, jumping but to return normal animation you need to press trip or die.

As Sly, hold to start a spin attack and simultaneously press to jump. The spin attack will start in mid-air, creating false "ground" that Sly is able to jump off of. This can be used to essentially "triple jump." If you see a puff of smoke appear in the air and the camera moves up, you have done it correctly.

In jobs that require you to take pictures of the Klaww Gang members, you can clip through the walls that disappear when the binocucom is open for taking the pictures (such as the window that disappears while photographing Dimitri's printing press room). Press to bring up the binocucom, jump and paraglide during the animation of Sly pulling out the binocucom to paraglide through the wall that normally disappears while in the binocucom.

In Episode 1, walk towards the peacock sign and turn toward the safe house. There should be three windows. Go toward the middle window, and mega-jump into the top left-hand corner. You should be able to walk under the roof, and fall in to the safe house. You can leave by going out the door.

In Episode 2, mega-jump onto the arch by the left of the safehouse. Mega-jump onto the cliff, and walk left until you are under a cave (the safehouse). Jump or mega-jump off the cliff as far as you can, and paraglide in a circle back into the cave. To exit the safehouse, walk down the pathway until you get to the second to last step. You will be teleported into the safehouse. Bentley can also get in Episodes 1 and 2 safehouses as well, but not in Episode 7. To get into the safehouse in Episode 1, you need to have the Hover Pack equipped. Go to the same place you went with Sly and use the hover pack to get close to the window. Use the hover pack again to get inside by the window. In Episode 2, do the falling through the ground glitch with Sly, come back to the safehouse and pick up Bentley. Bentley will do a mega jump to the top of the safehouse. Walk to the place you went with Sly and use your hover pack to get in.

In Episode 7, walk under the safehouse and there should be cleats (you will need full health to do this glitch). Jump on one cleat, then jump in the water. You should be inside the safehouse. To exit go out the door. Note that you might have to attempt this several times.

You must use Sly to do this glitch. There are two methods for doing this glitch: having 100% and using the Mega Jump and Knockout Dive gadgets (easiest), or using glitch high jump (harder, see above).

First method: use the level warp cheat for Cairo ( ). Then, use the Mega-Jump cheat ( ). Go to the power-up menu and equip the Mega-Jump gadget and the Knockout Dive gadget. If you face away from the front of the lobby (where the large glass windows are), you can see a wall light to the right of the stairs. Mega jump above it, and you will land on top of the wall. Face the wall and use the Knockout Dive gadget. Sly will pop out of the room and into empty space. You can now explore freely, though there are many places that you can still take fall damage or get stuck.

Second method: either use the level warp cheat for Cairo (above) or start a new game (as this method doesn't require power-ups). Go up the stairs and jump onto the pot for the right tree. Glitch high jump towards the top-middle of door and mash . If done correctly you will jump off the top of the door frame and ledge grab on the edge of the ceiling. Now ledge grab jump along the top of the wall towards the right. At the bend in the wall you will be able to stand. Stand in the middle of the wall above the wall light, face towards the camera (away from the wall), and then hold . Now press , and quickly, all while turning away from the camera (towards the wall). If done correctly you should clip through. Alternatively, if you have Knockout Dive you can use that while facing the wall.

When taking pictures of the money printing room, if you use the "Restart Current Episode" cheat (), you will spawn in the money printing room. This will allow you to walk around the room. With some clever jumping, it is possible to reach Dimitri. When attacked, the boss battle sequence will start, though the game will crash shortly after. 041b061a72


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