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Sword Art Online Hollow Fragment Pc Crack UPD

A new battle system also features in Hollow Realization, where the four-person team of players fight monsters using sword skills in a similar fashion to the original Sword Art Online game. Players can also direct and receive guidance from party members in collaborating to perform team strategies and attacks.[2] Players perform chain attacks with party members using a "Switch" system for greater damage output against powerful monsters, including charged attacks and aerial combos.[2][10] This includes "Named Monsters", which are monsters with significant strength that appear without warning.[8] Set in a "wider world", Hollow Realization features monsters new to the series.[9] A healing system in the game allows defeated characters to rejoin the battle as long as teammates are still fighting.[10] The game features online multiplayer.[7]

Sword Art Online Hollow Fragment Pc Crack UPD


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