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[S9E10] The Gang Squashes Their Beefs

On Thanksgiving, in Mac and Dennis' apartment, the plan is revealed: Mac and Dennis will squash the beef with the McPoyles, Dee will squash her beef with Gail The Snail, and Frank and Charlie will squash theirs with their landlord. Mac then springs a surprise on them: he's invited Bruce Mathis so Dee and Dennis can squash their beef with him. No one else seems happy about this. Dennis shows a "peace treaty" he's going to have everyone sign. The others show overly literal interpretations of the concept of "squashing beefs": Charlie is actually making squash and beef for dinner, Mac has brought a hatchet and a pail full of dirt to "bury the hatchet", Dee has brought a blackboard to "wipe the slate clean."

[S9E10] The Gang Squashes Their Beefs

Hwang shows up first, immediately demanding food. They put on music, but rather than a party, it just sort of turns into Hwang and the McPoyles standing around awkwardly. Dee tries to "break the ice", but is horrified by the fact that Liam has made his eye patch even worse by putting a drawing of an eye on it. Rickety Cricket shows up, saying that the "word around town" is that the gang is squashing beefs, but The Gang is completely unaware of what sort of beef he'd have with them. Cricket begs to stay, and Dennis gets him to sign a peace treaty.

If there's one thing fans know about the gang on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, it's that they have a lot of enemies. No one could live life the way they do without accumulating a long list of people who outright hate them. But trying to squash those beefs ended with Dennis and Mac's apartment engulfed in flames, leaving fans to wonder which of their enemies managed to survive the deathtrap.

Inevitably, Frank accidentally started a fire by burning money in Hwang's face. Instead of warning everyone about what was going on, the gang made a break for it and sealed the door behind them. They basically left all of their enemies to die in an inferno they started. That was certainly one way to squash all their beef, other than literally serving squash and beef, which was Charlie's plan.

In the end, the only attendee who is never mentioned or seen again is Random Guy. The only reason the gang knew him was that they repeatedly victimized him when they thought he was Bruce Mathis in Season 4, Episode 2. And he was at the party in Season 9 because Mac made the exact same mistake again. While there is no definite evidence that he's dead, not seeing Random Guy again means he may have been a casualty of the squashing of the beefs.

The gang wades through their high school history when Monica invites an old classmate (Brad Pitt) to join them for Thanksgiving dinner. Soon, past wrongs are front-and-center for Rachel and Ross. Meanwhile, Joey struggles with meat sweats as Chandler and Phoebe watch "the game."

The gang looks back on all their terrible Thanksgivings through the years. Chandler (Matthew Perry) remembers his parents telling him they're getting divorced over dinner. Joey (Matt LeBlanc) recalls getting his head stuck in Monica's (Courtney Cox) turkey. Classic. Monica relives the horror of meeting Chandler for the first time when he called her fat and the following year when she accidentally cut off his toe. Monica puts a turkey on her head to cheer Chandler up and he ends up accidentally telling her he loves her.

Some people gather around close family and friends at Thanksgiving, but that's just not the It's Always Sunny gang's style. They invite the various enemies they've made over nine seasons of bad behavior including standouts like Liam and Ryan McPoyle (Jimmi Simpson and Nate Mooney), Hwang (Shelly Desai), Gail the Snail (Mary Lynn Rajskub), and Cricket (David Hornsby) in the hopes of making amends for their years of bad behavior.

Wanting to squash their myriad beefs, the Gang decide to host a Thanksgiving dinner in order to put an end to all their simmering feuds. Though not invited, Cricket shows up in hopes of nibbling on some of the food scraps.

The gang from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia takes on a challenge to win an award for best bar in this episode. They try to give the patrons what they think they want in order to please them and be recognized for their years of service in the bar industry.

The episode is a great example of the show's meta-comic fun and its commentary on the hierarchy and conventions of TV comedy. It even takes jabs at its own place in the landscape and its inability to do anything that would please Emmy voters. The gang's attempts to recreate sitcom tropes and conventions predictably turn out disastrously. Frank and Artemis try their hand at avant garde comedies like Louie and Wilfred, Mac's attempt at wacky banter takes an overly sexual turn, and Dee gets caked with makeup and put in the brightest light imaginable. Charlie's Paddy's Pub song is a hilarious highlight as well as his emergence from a sewer singing an eff-you song with a chorus of spitting. It's no wonder why this episode is a fan favorite.

In the episode "Flowers for Charlie" of the sitcom "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia", the gang finds themselves in a fun and familiar twist on the classic novel "Flowers for Algernon". After an experiment successfully multiplies Charlie's intellect, he quickly becomes distant from the bar and the gang must find a way to pick up the slack. The gang soon finds out that they are not as capable as they assumed and must learn how to complete the menial tasks that Charlie typically handles. Through hilarious mishaps and classic dark humor, the gang must find a way to keep the bar running without Charlie's help. As the gang struggles to learn how to complete the tasks, they must also find a way to bring Charlie back to the bar and restore their typical dynamic.

The gang does their best to recoup their investments in questionable schemes by dumping their losses on Ben the soldier while trying to avoid being duped again by whatever mastermind is pulling their strings.

The plot starts when various members of the gang are unable to fulfill their Thanksgiving traditions (eating hoagies from Wawa and watching "Thunder Gun Express") due to various grudges other characters have come to hold them over the years. So, the gang invites several wronged parties to a peacemaking Thanksgiving meal, with the intention of signing a treaty while also literally acting out other reconciliation metaphors like "wiping the slate clean" and "burying the hatchet." 041b061a72


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